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Enchanted Grove

2021 / 28:30 min, colour video & electronic sound.

commissioned by: Post-Muzica, Reziden\a 9

Living beings become outnumbered by electronic components.

In the middle of an extended electronic wasteland, Enchanted Grove imagines a vivid moving micro-world where discarded electronics dance.

Colourful capacitors looking like precious jewellery or candies pulsate with their cracks and bruises on display. A city-like complex emerges in the traces of circuit boards. Inside, slowly moving, toxic leaks surface like lichens on transistors. Floppy Disk Coils appear as flowers on a large field.


At night, these post-circuits expose their true nature. They are nothing more than pestilential waste, products of a time, where humans got seduced by their electronic enhancements and the radiant hardware within them.


Camera, Concept, Sound, Editing: Ioana Vreme Moser

Sound Mastering: Klaas Hubner

Capacitor Stunts, Optical Tricks, Video Editing Assistance:

Dorian Largen Schleich

Special thanks to Martin Kuentz, Martin Howse

for the countless electronic donations that are presented here.

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