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Harvester Bugs.

Autonomous energy hunters.


electronic workshop


supported by NØ SCHOOL Nevers;

 Nuts and Bolts Berlin / Musicboard Berlin GmbH

During this workshop, we will explore how to create autonomous sound instruments that feed on the energy in their surroundings. The workshop aims to introduce the participants to the area of self-powered devices and off-grid electronic machines.


Through a historical lens, we will look back at anachronous technologies such as Crystal Radios and other domestic devices that do not need more than they can harvest from their habitats. The workshop aims to introduce the participants to the basic notions of radio technology, electronic transmission, reception and amplification.


The theoretical part will be preceded by a practical exercise in which each participant will be guided after a diagram to solder and customize an instrument. The Harvester Bugs instruments capture Electromagnetic and Radio-magnetic waves that they can find in their proximity and amplify them using solar power. Their sounds are sensitive and interdependent to their external environment. Through a collective sound walk, we will discover and gather inconspicuous noises from our urban habitats.

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