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Screaming Minerals

2023 - sound lecture performance, 40-50 min.

Extracted from the ground, and manipulated through industrial processes, electronic components like semiconductors return to Earth’s geological layer in extended wastelands.


Screaming Minerals follows through a sonic lecture performance, the rise of information technologies and their environmental decay. As algorithms become intelligent exponentially, the project delves into their transistorised hardware bodies their materialities, entangled politics, fragility and toxicity. 


Extending the Sizzling Semiconductors workshop, Screaming Minerals enacts an improvisation part with instruments from 'transistors' made of waste, collectively forming an orchestra. Noises and tones emerge as radiosensitive stones and pieces of scrap metal are scratched with needles. Oscillation occurs at a precise touch of a burned spot rendering the instruments in highly impredictable sonic landscapes.

Screaming Minerals was presented alongside the Sizzling Semiconductors workshop.

commissioned by BIDFF & Simultan Festival Timisoara Romania


2023  5 November Simultan Festival, Timisoara, European Capital of Culture

2023  7-10 September - lecture-performance, workshop at BIDFF Bucharest International Dance Film Festival, RO

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