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WIP archive, electronic workshop

Upon further investigation into circuitry and machinery, the didactic modular panels of the Industrial School of Victoria are imagined to be refurbished and converted together with the students into a series of sound generating devices that use the basic functionality of each industrial, chemical process as a premise for building specific sound circuitry. 

Victoria city, designed during the Soviet Union as a key centre for the Romanian chemical industry lays with its factories partially in ruins and it’s lawns filled with roses. The city has no archive but it is to say that it was built out of a box and designed by a Georgian architect. There have been several Victoria’s, one in India, Georgia, Ukraine, all centred around their chemical factories. The people that were brought here from all the corners of the country had to be schooled and prepared for the laborious work. The industrial high-school lays with its impressive workshops and machinery and even an electronic laboratory where students were introduced into control room electronics. Currently, there few classes of students left and the laboratories are mostly out of use. 

The project proposes to archive, preserving parts of the stagnating laboratory machines, regarding them as precious artefacts from a concluded era. It also wishes to re-contextualise these anachronous technologies, presenting them to the remaining students in a series of workshops so that they can be re-invented.

Project initiated during ''Utopic Cities, Programmed Societies’’ summer camp in Victoria, Romania.

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