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Celenk Bafra, Istanbul
Robert Bajenaru, Bucharest

Luchezar Boyadjiev, Sofia
Ivet Curlin, Zagreb
Alina Georgiana Teodorescu, Londra Valentina Gervasoni, Bergamo

Shihoko Ida, Nagoya
Ana Kun, Timisoara
MAGMA, Sfântu Gheorghe
Diana Marincu, Timisoara

Monotremu, Târgu Mures
Simona Nastac, Londra
George Rosu, Cluj Napoca
Nathalie Shin / Haily Grenet, Paris Courtney Tramposh, New York

Raluca Voinea, Bucuresti
Eva Volkmer, Berlin
Trevor Yeung, Guangdong

Virus Diary

in collaboration with Dan Perjovschi



16 Sound Objects, Drawings, recorded testimonies, Qr codes

16 objects of 50 x 50 cm

Curated by: Levente Kozma

technical assistance: Dorian Largen Schleich

Supported and exhibited at Simultan Festival Timisoara

18 drawings by Dan Perjovschi are transduced in audio recordings and placed inside paper-sound objects. The Narrators, invited by Dan, offer an insight from a subjective view on the content of the drawings, describing various facets of our current world in relation to the pandemic.

Their voices carrying stories are visualised through 16 sound objects that act as loudspeakers. Simple, white sheets of paper transformed into membranes of resonance embody the recordings. On top, thin copper wires move gently steered by the voices. Each paper-speaker is placed next to a Qr code where the public can access the drawings.


The objects are placed 1,5m apart, at a safe distance.


Once enacted, the papers commence a multichannel sound composition, a choir of different words, languages, spoken testimonies that reflect upon our current word.

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