flawless looks / ongoing sound performance, 2018 - 2021

with electronic instruments and makeup

In the shape of a fatal divaesque character, Coquetta was fashioned from garbage finds and self beautification obsessiveness. Following one of the earliest human rituals, the application of cosmetics, Coquetta evolves on luscious looking, self-built electronic instruments. The physical appearance and the behaviour of the sounding circuitry are altered symbiotically with substances and control voltages.

The sounding apparatus composed of an amalgam of cosmetics and electronics is hand-crafted in the shape of an Ambulant Beauty Salon where a daily toilette routine of a step-by-step makeup procedure occurs.

The makeup application instruments (brushes, sponges, pads) and chemical substances (cremes and colour cosmetics) are transformed into sound-generating gizmos and applied rhythmically on the face in a crescendo. Moisturising, scrubbing, eyelash curling, eye-shadowing, powder-puffing, lipstick application, and other manoeuvres become portrayed by specific abrasive sounds.

Coquetta develops sardonically as the substances are applied abundantly on her face making her finally ‘beautiful’ and yet somehow, deformed.

Coquetta is Ioana Vreme Moser’s glamorous ultra-femme alter ego. A ballet dancer for nearly 10 years, raised on Opera stages in flamboyant dresses, she dreamt to become as beautiful as Barbie.

brushes nobackground.jpg

The Beauty Machinery is the whole compendium of electronic machines that I’ve developed in time. From ultrasonic perfume to pressure-resistive stilettos to motorized eyeshadow, all are part of an improvised beauty salon. The performance follows the standard make-up procedure. Every cosmetic step is designated by its own sound, the skin foundation, for example, is a raspy saw-like sound on which I then build the composition.

The sensors introduced in the powder containers emit a certain charge that then changes the oscillation of a tone generator or the frequency of a filter. The circuits I work with are, for the most part, basic, analogue, with some personal modifications. Certain instruments were conceived with a separate circuit: for example, the lipstick, upon contact with the lips, becomes a dentist’s drill due to a series of CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) logic gates. The wig boxes were the basic instruments that can operate on their own as well. The cosmetic application ritual follows gently on the makeup table until the lipstick is applied. 

exerpt form an interview with Miron Ghiu, Revista Arta


Coquetta in improvisation with Pierre Bastien at 4fakultät #18, 2021, photographed by Maik Gräf