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Sound Sculpture, Pencil Drawing / leaf speakers, copper, electronics

50 x 50 x 30 cm

Three lanceolate leaves are converted into loudspeakers. The inhabiting crickets formed by logic gates and transistor arrays emit stridulatory voltages. These voltages, chirrs, get carried into spun copper threads that embrace vegetal membranes. The leaves become diaphragms and vibrate upon electromagnetic stimulation. They imitate the natural baffles used by tree crickets to enhance their intimate chirps. These circuitry crickets vibrations
are far from seasonal mating serenades and closer to distress signals. As the temperature in their environment rises, the frequency of the inner squeaks and purrs accelerates. As their leafy fleshiness dries and decays, the sound becomes louder, compiling into series of rhythmic alarm like whistles.

Special thanks to: Philip Goulding, Martin Kuentz for technical advice.

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