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Intonal Orchestra


performative, collective action with children and electronic instruments

Supported by SIMULTAN Association in the framework of Stiintescu programme Timisoara

A group of 12 children were conducted to forge electronic instruments. During those days, I followed the histories of the CMOS family, a branch of integrated circuits that can be easily adapted into simple noise generators. Soldered on locally manufactured circuit boards, these components interact with each other, charging and discharging rhythms and pulses.

Simple wooden boxes were given, where the children placed their speakers and circuits, glued their hand-made buttons and drawn imaginary circuits.
The final goal of recreating an orchestra of synthetic hand made sounding devices came to an end with a sound performance.

A score involving lights as a means of control was conducted on the stage. The instruments, performed by the children emerged into a vast chaotic sonic experience that would pass from rhythmic patterns to rich sonic textures.

Intonal Orchestra composed by:

Ioana Vreme Moser (conductor), Clara, Tania, Bogdan, Mihai, Victor, Sandor, Theodor, Anisia, Ethan, Razvan, Tudor, Tytus.

production team: Levente Kozma, Alin Rotaru, Alex Boca, Radu Stefanescu.

Video credit: Alex Boca.

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